Eyeliner Application Second Edition

Kristen von Riesen - Pure Anada Makeup Artist

Today I am going to continue on the topic of eyeliner. In my last blog about eyeliner, I addressed the factors affecting how eyeliner should be worn. Today I will go over the differences and details of our eyeliner options.

Our eyeliner selection is as follows:
Pencil (offered in a variety of shades),
Liquid (variety of shades),
Eye shadow as eyeliner,
Mascara as eyeliner.

Pencil Eyeliner:
Pencil eyeliner is a basic form of eyeliner. That doesn’t mean it isn’t complicated, but it is still eyeliner in its most basic form. It offers a creamy application. When applied sharpened it goes on dark and in a thin line. When applied dull, it offers a smudged look. It can be dramatic or subtle, again depending on whether it is applied sharp or dull. Layer it for more drama as well. You can set it with an eye shadow powder of the same (or similar) colour to help it last longer.

Liquid Eyeliner:
Liquid liner is dramatic and can be difficult to master. Once you do, you end up with flawless cat eyes, sharp lines, and a sleek intense line. If you’re not careful, it can go badly pretty quickly! Take your time with liquid liner, because if you make a mistake, it is difficult to correct. For a beautifully solid line, apply one coat and allow it to dry before applying another coat. Our liquid liner is smudge-resistant, however, it is not waterproof, as it is impossible to make a waterproof liner all-naturally. Liquid eyeliner cannot really be smudged for a softer look without flaking. So if you are looking for a smudged liner but love a liquid eyeliner, try using a pencil first and smudging that, and then finish with a thin line of liquid along the lashes.

Eye Shadow as Eyeliner:
I would have to say that many people never experimented with eye shadow as liner before Pure Anada came along! Since we started without classic pencil or liquid, we had to learn what else could work as eyeliner! Hence, eye shadow. The great thing about using shadow as liner is that it is hands down the easiest way to apply eyeliner, plus you get SO many colours to choose from! You can apply eye shadow damp or dry, and you will get a vastly different effect. Applying a shadow dry will create a soft subtle look. Applying a shadow damp is called “foiling”, because it creates a slightly metallic sheen and a liquid line effect. For easy application, use an angled liner brush.

Mascara as Eyeliner:
This is one of my favourite forms of eyeliner. On a daily basis, I use liquid liner because it is fast (once you get the hang of it), but when I have a bit more time this is my prefered liner option. I use this for my wedding parties, as it holds up the best. This is the most water-resistant eyeliner Pure Anada has, since it is a water-resistant mascara. It applies like a gel eyeliner, and can create beautiful matte lines. Apply this by sweeping a little bit of it onto the back of your hand and dabbing an angled liner brush into the mascara.

What eyeliner do you prefer? Do you like using colour or classic neutrals? I am really into using navy these days! I challenge you to try something new today. And don’t forget, practice makes progress ;) Eyeliner is the epitome of that.