Same Product. New Packaging.

Box Transition

We are so excited to be offering several of our products in beautifully designed, custom, recyclable boxes:

- Lipstick
- Liquid Eyeliner 
- Mascara

Why the change? 

Initially, the goal for our brand was to create a product with minimal excess packaging.  Hence, the reason we never had boxes in the past.  However, we realized that by the time we apply a plastic shrink wrap and label, we are creating more waste than a streamlined, cardboard box that is able to be recycled. 

We hope you love the change as much as we do!

Multi-tasking Marigold

Get the Look!

I’m playing with color for this month’s Get The Look! Why not have fun with color in the winter? We often keep our looks either pretty minimal in winter, or we go for deep shades of makeup (both are gorgeous, by the way!). But today I’m changing it up!

I really love how the look turned out. At first I did it for the sake of something new and different, but I am so happy with how it looked on me. I used shades of peachy orange and vivid blue, but don’t feel like you have to stick with only these shades! Have fun with color.

Before getting into the details of the look, I want to quickly mention that I used the same shade of blush for both my cheeks and my eye shadow. If you’re anything like me, you love having multi-purpose makeup (I’ve mentioned this a bunch of times, I know!). I love using one product for many purposes. So, blush for eyeshadow? Yes please!


Tinted Moisturizer in Light blended with Liquid Foundation in Atlantic Bisque, using my fingertips to apply. Use our Flat Top Foundation Brush for fuller coverage.
I set my makeup lightly with Pressed Powder in Very Fair.
Concealer in Very Fair for the under-eye area.

Loose Mineral Blush in Marigold on the apples of the cheeks, applied with the Deluxe Blush Brush - Marigold is such a rich shade, I just love it.
No contouring or bronzer for me today!

Brow Powder in Cliff applied with the angled liner end of the Duo Eye Brush.

Pressed Mineral Shadow in Ivory Tower in the inner corners and under the brows, using your fingertips or the Tapered Blending Eye Brush.
Pressed Mineral Shadow in Ecru on the lid, using the flat end of our Duo Eye Brush.
Loose Mineral Blush in Marigold in the crease and outer corner, using the Tapered Blending Eye Brush.
A little Loose Mineral Shadow in Emma Rose Shimmer on the outer lid to blend the Marigold and Ecru shades seamlessly, applied with your ring finger.
Smudge Loose Mineral Shadow in Ocean Mist under the eyes using a damp Contour Crease Brush (or leave the brush dry for a more subtle look).

Pureline Pencil in Black applied along the upper lashline and in the lower waterline.
Smudge Pressed Mineral Shadow in Onyx on the upper lashline and apply a thin line of Liquid Liner in Ink.

Natural Mascara in Black for luscious lashes.

Lip Gloss in the shade Hawaiian Sunset for a lovely rosy bronze. It doesn’t take away from the drama of the eyes, but if you’re feeling bold, wear something brighter like Mango Ice or Tiger Lily!