Bridal Look

Bridal Look

Every year or so I like to update my bridal look to inspire future brides!

When it comes to bridal makeup, honestly, I keep it pretty similar from one look to the next.
This look is a great starting point for brides or bridesmaids, as it's easy enough to add to for a more
dramatic look or take something away for a softer look. As I always encourage brides, your wedding
day isn’t the day to play with a look you’ve never worn before! Wear the style of makeup that you
normally do, but just make it more dramatic than usual. You want it more dramatic than usual (I know
that scares some brides) because the camera won’t capture everything. So to ensure that you can see
your lovely features, make everything slightly darker than you would on your day-to-day look.

There are certain steps you want to take to achieve a long-lasting makeup look - your wedding day is
going to be a loooooong day! Make sure your makeup lasts! Primer and setting spray are your best
friends! And it’s pretty easy to take a setting spray along with you throughout the day.

Don’t touch your face! Keep those perfectly manicured hands occupied by holding hands with your
sweet husband-to-be and off your face. Touching your face will smudge the makeup around and cause
it fade faster. If you get teary-eyed throughout the day, dab the outer/inner corners of your eyes with a
tissue and try not to wipe. Take along a lipstick to apply touch-ups throughout the day… because you
may be smooching for a lot of pictures!

Here is the look:

Start with Smooth Priming Serum so it lasts all day!
For weddings, I use Tinted Moisturizer first (I used Light).
Then apply Concealer (Very Fair).
Over that I use Loose Mineral Foundation (Atlantic Bisque). If you have quite oily skin, either use
Pressed Powder Foundation instead of loose powder, or add it over top to set the foundation with a
powder brush (like our Blending Face Brush).

My favorite wedding blush is Dahlia Pressed Powder Blush - the perfect amount of rosiness without
being too dark or light. I usually don't apply bronzer or contour unless requested - but I used Alluring
Contour Powder on myself.

Cliff Brow Powder - don't go too crazy with brows on your wedding day. Unless your normal routine
has full brows, keep it natural looking or it'll take over your look.

Eyes: My favorite part!
Prime those eyelids! Use Smooth Priming Serum or your concealer (or both!) to prime for shadow.
A little White Diamond (or any highlight color, really) under the arch of the brows, and in the inner
corners of the eyes. Keep it light on the inner corners.
Sweep Espresso into the crease.
Blend Grape shadow on the eyelid and over the Espresso in the crease.
For a little sparkle, I used Champagne on the eyelid only, over the Grape.
I love using Pressed Powders for weddings because they are demi-matte. Too much shimmer on a
wedding day doesn't translate well in pictures, but it's nice to have a well-placed sparkle. That's why I
used a small amount of Champagne on the lid.
I smudged Espresso and Grape under the eyes for my classic smoky look.

My go-to for weddings is either Pureline Pencil or Black Mascara as liquid liner. Use pencil for a quick
and slightly softer look. Use mascara for a bold look. I prefer the mascara for weddings over our liquid
liner simply because it's a matte look instead of shiny. I love Liquid Liner for every other day though!
Apply the mascara with a sharp Angled Liner Brush, and make sure to get a thick coat so it's nice and
black. I always wing it out a little (it's super romantic looking)

Black Mascara, lots and lots of coats! (Especially if you're not wearing false lashes)

Keep the lips more natural if going dramatic on the eyes (and vice versa). Start with Lipstick (I used
Carnation), then I like to dot on a small amount of Gloss over top (Apple Blossom).

Set your makeup with either Matte Minerals or Marine Mineral Toner as a setting spray to keep your
makeup in place all day!

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