Customer Testimonials

We love to hear feedback from our loyal customers and from new customers that are experiencing the amazingness that is Pure Anada for the first time. We are excited to share a few customer testimonies with you that have inspired and encouraged us!

Our motivation to help people in the beauty industry has to do with the knowledge that there are so many people struggling in the cosmetic world to find something that works for their skin type. The options are endless, and it is so easy to invest in many different products, only to realize that after spending all that money, you still haven't found skincare that is compatible with your skin. 

From the very start of Pure Anada, our goal has been to develop a natural Cosmetics line that is affordable to the public. We do this without compromising on both quality and style!

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the harmful ingredients that are found in various products, as well as the effects that they have on our bodies. With this education, the public is looking for healthier options. However, with these healthier options, often comes a leap in price. This is where we try to keep our products as affordable as possible. We want to promote healthy living to those in all walks of life! It is a priority of ours is to make sure that you know exactly what you are applying to your skin. We like to take an up-front approach and always have our ingredients listed in entirety. If you have questions, we are happy to have our formulator provide you with an answer. We have an amazing sample program so that before you commit to full size products or even commit to Pure Anada, you can be sure that we are the fit for you. 

Below are some customer testimonies that really inspired us in our pursuit of a natural and healthy cosmetic world!

"I am in love with your products. I switched ALL of my makeup over to yours as well as my cleanser, toner and moisturizer! 

I switched over from **Popular, High End Skincare Brand** - and I’ve seen more improvement in my skin in one month, than over 1 year of using ***! 

I’m a lifer - recommending to family and friends!"

Just wanted to share:  As I've aged, my skin has gotten more sensitive.  Switching to a "sensitive skin" version of my products was not enough.  I had to totally clean up my skincare and makeup routines--no junk, crazy chemicals, or ingredients I can't even pronounce.   In my quest for clean cosmetics, I found several American companies that make good, organic cosmetics.  But, the prices are outrageous!  I've also ordered items from Canada and Australia.  In comparison, I found that these markets, 1) had a wider variety, as if a market of non-toxic cosmetics was more the rule than the exception,  2) were more reasonably priced, and 3) seemed of better quality.   All that to say, I've been very pleased with the Pure Anada products I've used so far. I hope you all find many more friends and customers in the US!  I'm a fan of small-businesses, and I'll be recommending Pure Anada in Virginia :-) 

"I purchased Revive Moisturizing Serum last week after dealing with horribly dry and rashy face which was totally out of the ordinary for me!! While waiting for a very expensive prescription for my face I wandered over to your store and ended buying this serum, pressed foundation, the little brush (AH-mazing!) and the mascara. My skin is healed and never looked better. I am so thankful for your natural products! This Serum is like a liquid miracle in a bottle. I almost didn't buy it because I thought, "I'm not even 30,  my skin is not "mature,  I'm not "old"" but my skin was definitely dehydrated! This is my new go-to moisturizer.

Pure Anada is a family owned business. Everything stays close to heart and home, minus the distribution of our products :) The support we've been given from all of you has meant a ton to us! So we just want to say a huge thank you to all you lovelies!

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