Mothers Day

Tiffany Banman - Pure Anada Social Media Manager 

Mother's day is coming around once again. Rather than pushing gifts and products on people to purchase for their Moms, this year we are promoting a different kind of love language - words of affirmation. Even if this isn't the primary love language of your mom, loving words go a long way for everybody. So pair those adoring words WITH a gift if you need to so that all the bases are covered. Best of both worlds. While I understand that everyone is in a different situation, maybe your Mom isn't in your life anymore for various reasons, I trust that there is some inspirational mentors or role models in your life that lift you up and help you see your value. Make Mothers Day about the strong women that make a difference in your life. 

 If you're anything like me, saying what's in your heart seems like a good idea until you get started. I have no problem communicating otherwise, but when it comes to matters of the heart, I always get all awkward. I can never maintain eye contact, and heaven help if I start blubbering and crying lol. SO, in an effort to be able to share my heart and not lose my dignity, I started writing. I actually started forcing others to write too. It is understood that if you spend the Sunday of Mother's Day at our house, you are obligated to write a note to my Mom explaining why you love and appreciate her. It's certainly not hard to think of why my Mom is lovable, but we take people for granted, right? Over the years, we have watched my Mom read and cry over these notes, sometimes we even read them out loud (or get someone else to read mine while I bury my head in a pillow). It has become a highlight of the year for my Mom since she cherishes these notes far more than any physical gift. I've come to the understanding and realization that life is short. Even though my life hasn't been long as of yet, I've been faced with the truth that it is short. If you love someone, tell them and show them. Learn to live in the moment and enjoy it to its fullest. Take the time to stop and think about all of the amazing people surrounding you and how they affect your life in a positive way. 

This Mother's Day, I did what I do best to organize my thoughts and musings - an acrostic!

Here's the character traits that I admire in my Mom and other moms that I interact with. These are the traits I would like to adapt in my life, whether I ever become a mom or not. These are the characteristics that I want people to use to describe me as a person.  

M -  I thought of using the word Mature for the letter "M" and then I realized that this not one of the first words I would use to describe my Mom lol. It is also one of the reasons why she is so lovable. Don't get me wrong, my Mom has so much wisdom and knowledge and is mature when she needs to be, but she has always been a ball of fun. It's important, I think, to not take life TOO seriously, and not to sweat the small things. I find that I have a much harder time keeping up to my Mom and her grandkids than she ever will have keeping up with us. Another "M" word that I love is Moving. My mom has a "moving" effect on people. When you leave a conversation with her, you feel inspired to get out there and do something, to make a change in your life and a difference in someone else's life. 

O- Overachieving. One of the truest words to describe a Mom I think, is overachieving. Moms are always pushing their kids to exceed the limits, push the boundaries, "do better than I did", and set a new record! They will drive themselves to sheer exhaustion to see their husband and kids succeed. They make sure that all of the circumstance surrounding the ones they love are in favour of them and pave the way to success. 

T- Tolerant. Yes, women especially like things a certain way - our way. But these opinions and views are often challenged by the special people in a Mama's life. Suddenly, they're put in position where they need to compromise and make exceptions in certain situations. A HUGE thank you to the Moms out there who have modified their recipes to accommodate their kids, rearranged Saturday chores to make it to Sports tournaments, and paint the walls bright pink instead of a natural shade of taupe.  

H- Honest. It's so wonderful to know that there is someone you can go to to get an honest opinion and input. I think that it is hard sometimes to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, but another big thank you to the Moms who have learned how to tactfully share the truth of a situation even when it's hard. 

E- Eccentric. Eccentric means to be, "off-center or just a little crazy" I also love the word Effervescent which means "bubbly like champagne". A healthy dose of crazy is a wonderful trait that all Moms possess to varying degrees. I feel like even if "crazy" isn't a natural characteristic of a Mom, they develop some crazy by default as the years go by. I just happen to really support being a little off center to make room for the uncertainty of life and the spontaneous moments that make the best memories EVER. 

R- Reliable. I don't know about you, but when I tell my Mom a secret, it goes into the vault and I know that it is safe there. More than just confiding, I love that Moms can be called on for ANYTHING. Run out of gas on the way to work? (maybe that's just me), call Mom. What colour of shirt for the work event? call Mom. How to make that great dish for supper? call Mom. She's always on call, for some of us on speed dial, and that's just one more reason to love her and tell her so.

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