Mineral Makeup On Dry Skin

Kristen von Riesen - Pure Anada Makeup Artist 

This month’s Ask The Makeup Artist features how to use Pure Anada’s mineral makeup on dry skin. Let’s dive in!

This is a hot topic! Since our loose mineral foundation is the fullest coverage we offer, we find that clients with all skin types will gravitate toward it - not just those with combination or oily skin. Not everyone with dry skin wants to wear liquid foundation (for various reasons), but finding a way to use mineral powders on dry skin can be tricky if you’re not lead in the right direction!

I want to lead off by saying that I don’t recommend the pressed mineral foundation for dry skin.
It is great for oily skin, however it is a little too drying for dry skin. If you want to use mineral
foundation, use the loose mineral powder.

Pure Anada’s founder and owner, Candace Grenier, has dry/dehydrated skin herself and uses the loose mineral foundation on a regular basis. Candace has a few tips and tricks up her sleeve and thought she would share them on the blog today!

“I've always struggled with dry, flakey skin.  Over the years, I have determined it is actually
"dehydrated" (lacking water), more-so than "dry" (lacking oil).  It's interesting, however, that the
foundation that works best for my skin is the loose mineral, as opposed to our liquid foundation options.  
It goes on smooth, almost like a creamy powder.

There are a few tips I've learned over the years to make it work best.  

The first is to take care of your skin before you go to bed.  Apparently we lose a lot of water when we sleep! Especially in winter, our face can lose valuable hydration at night.  Cleansing, and then applying couple drops of a skincare oil (like Pure Anada Luxury Facial Serum), underneath your moisturizer, creates a barrier to prevent hydration loss.  It also helps to nourish and repair skin cells. When you wake up, you're starting out with your best possible skin!

Many times (especially in winter), I don't even cleanse it again in the morning (with a cleanser, but still rinse with water).  If I do cleanse - our Calming Cleanser - Lavender & Chamomile is what I use. I apply a bit of moisturizer; my favourite is the Hydrating Cream - Berry & Bouquet.  Then, the key step to using the loose mineral foundation with dehydrated or dry skin is to mist your skin with the Hydrating Toner - with Marine Minerals!  It contains hyaluronic acid which helps to plump skin cells prior application.  Some people like to mist their brush (rather than their face) before applying the loose mineral powder.  Either way works. They key is to add some hydration prior to applying. Sometimes when the air is very dry, I even spray another mist on top of my skin to set my makeup and give it another refreshing boost.”

As Candace mentioned, it all starts with a great skincare regimen! Apply your moisturizer, then toner to hydrate, then foundation. Unlike oily skin, where you want to have your moisturizer soak into your skin before applying foundation, with dry skin often you want to start applying your mineral foundation when the moisturizer/toner still has a bit of stick to it on your skin. This way it stays put better instead of being too dry to stick. As you are applying your foundation, you can also spritz your face with more toner to continue to hydrate your skin.

Don’t forget to exfoliate. This removes dry and dead skin. However, with dry skin make sure you don’t over-exfoliate either. Once per week will suffice. Also make sure to always remove your makeup at the end of each day.

When it comes to the actual application technique for mineral makeup on dry skin, there are a number of different ways. My recommendation is to use Pure Anada’s Flat Top Foundation Brush to buff the foundation into the skin. Especially if you have a good skincare regimen, this is the best way to have the foundation stick to the skin. I have also used a blending sponge to apply loose mineral foundation (I know, I know, crazy right? Everyone uses it for liquid foundation! I love using it for loose mineral foundation). With a blending sponge, you can press/dab the foundation onto the skin to help it stick. Or a combination of these two techniques would work great!

To summarize, it is completely possible to use mineral powder foundation on dry skin! A solid skincare
regimen is necessary, as well as proper tools and technique. Don’t be afraid to give it a try if you have
been wary!

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