5 Minute Makeup Routine

Kristen von Riesen - Pure Anada Makeup Artist

Life is busier than it has ever been, and often your makeup routine can suffer because of it! 

I understand, I am a new mom! I may be a makeup artist, but baby takes priority over a full glamour face. 

Being busier than ever usually means that we are more tired than ever. So being able to apply a little makeup before your busy day may be a difficult task, but might help you feel more up to the challenges you face. Sometimes just a simple routine can empower you for your day - as it allows you to take even just a few moments for yourself!

The full glam looks I do on our Get The Look blog are inspiration for those who want to see dramatic looks, and for me to encourage you that natural makeup can do the same things that conventional cosmetics can. However, these looks are NOT meant for those who only have a few minutes to "get their face on", haha!

Let's dive in to a more time-friendly look. Here are essentials for a great 5 minute makeup routine:

Tinted Moisturizer,
Lip Colour.

Cleanser and Moisturizer:

Cleanser and moisturizer should be a part of your daily routine already (so if they aren't, please start NOW!). Makeup will only look as good as what is put underneath it, so take care of your skin!

For a great light daily cleanser, use our Delectable Cleanser or Refreshing Cleanser. Cleanse morning and night for best results.

Moisturizer recommendations are Hydrating Cream for dry skin or Daily Moisturizer for normal to oily skin. 

Tinted Moisturizer and Concealer:

This is a great way to simplify your makeup routine, yet keep your complexion even. You won't be wasting time by blending out full coverage foundations, and you can use your fingertips to apply both these products. Tinted Moisturizer offers some sun protection as well, so you are protecting your skin as well!

If you have oily skin, you can leave out the Daily Moisturizer, thus simplifying your makeup routine even more!

Simply blend on a couple pumps of the Tinted Moisturizer with your fingertips. Then take a little Cream Concealer or Liquid Concealer and dab it under the eyes to brighten your eye area.


Blush is a great way to brighten your face, but keep your look simple. I recommend using a Pressed Mineral Blush, in a pretty pink shade like Dahlia (light to deep skin tone) or Sweet Pea (light skin tone), or Tender Twig if you're not into pink. Use a Blush Brush and sweep it onto the cheekbones.


Mascara is the simplest and most effective way to enhance the eyes. Either Black or Brown Mascara will work great! Apply one or two coats for a natural look, or add more layers for more drama.

Lip Colour:

Lipstick, Lip Gloss, or Lip Shine will do the trick! Have something you are comfortable smudging on all day long. Lipstick will offer a long lasting wear and full colour. Lip Gloss offers shine and moisture and full colour. Lip Shine offers sheer colour and plenty of moisture (great for dry lips or winter!). Choose a bold shade like Strawberry Cream (available in lipstick or gloss), Ruby (available in lipstick or gloss), or Bordeaux Cherry (available in lipstick) to make your 5 minute look seem like it took longer! Or choose more neutral shades for a subtle glow - such as Emma Rose (available in lipstick or gloss), Carnation (available in lipstick or gloss), Icy Pink (available in lipstick or gloss), Mountainberry (available in lip shine), or Winterberry (available in lip shine).

I hope this inspires you to not give up on makeup just because life is busy. Makeup doesn't make you more beautiful than you already are, but it can help you feel great!