Sweet Innocence

For our Spring & Summer seasonal colour story, we had lovely Allyson in the studio to create the look 'Sweet Innocence.' Inspired by beautiful blossom pinks and warm browns. This look is designed to be delicate and natural. Her tones worked just perfectly with the rosy shades! Lisa Ann was our makeup artist for this project, and she did an amazing job! (Follow her on Instagram at @makeupbylisaann.)

Here's how to get the look!
Skin Preparation

Skin preparation is very important in the makeup application process! Your makeup will appear more flawless, and it will last longer! We applied Smooth Priming Serum to start our process. Smooth Priming Serum helps bring hydration to the skin, and plump skin cells. Once the Priming Serum had fully absorbed, we applied the Hydrating Berry & Bouquet for a bit of extra moisture!


Use the Flat Top Foundation Brush to apply your liquid foundation, being sure to blend into your neck. We chose to use the Liquid Foundation in the shade 15N Bisque for Allyson.

Using the flat side of the Duo Eye Brush, pat Liquid Concealer underneath the eyes, which can help cover dark circles or other imperfections.  We used the Porcelain shade for Allyson. 

To prime her eyelids for eye shadow we also used the Porcelain concealer.



Using a Deluxe Blush Brush, apply Sweet Pea Pressed Blush onto the apples of the cheeks, using a sweeping motion. It’s a beautiful soft pink colour that goes nicely with her skin tone. 

Next, with the Alluring Contour Pressed Powder, use the Deluxe Blush Brush to contour underneath the cheekbones and to the top of your forehead.

To highlight the top of the cheekbones and the tip of the nose, we applied Afterglow Pressed Highlight. Lightly brush it on, using a Deluxe Blush Brush on your cheeks and a Tapered Blending Eye Brush for your nose. 


Next, fill in your eyebrows with the angled side of the Duo Eye Brush. I used Pressed Eye Shadow, in Clouded. 

Use Contour Crease Brush to apply Darling Pressed Eyeshadow, to highlight the inner corners of your eyes. Use the Duo Eye Brush to pat Water Lily Pressed Eyeshadow onto the eyelid and blend it lightly into the crease. I also added a little bit of Sweet Pea Pressed Blush to the eyelid with the Tapered to match the cheeks and tie the look together.  Using the flat side of the Duo Eye Brush, pat Darling Pressed Eyeshadow into the middle of the eyelid to create a pop of shimmer.

Using the Garden Facial Mist, spray the angled side of the Duo Eye Brush, and dip it into Haunt Pressed Eye Shadow. Lightly press the product on the top of the upper lash line, staying very close to the eyelashes to create the eyeliner. You can also continue to add Haunt underneath the eye, sweeping outwards to create a well balanced liner.

To complete the eyes, apply your favourite Pure Anada Mascara. We used Brown for this look, for a natural and warm appearance.

Pressed powders are available in compacts or refills. Our Decide Compact is also perfect for customizing your own palette! It can hold up to four eyeshadows, and one blush OR contour/highlight. When you purchase the components to fill the palette, the Decide Palette is free! Just be sure to add the components as *refills* to your cart, and request the Decide Palette in the comments section of your order! (It is $8.00 if added separately.)



We used lip balm first to add a bit of moisture. For a longer lasting lip colour, skip the lip balm.

Fill in lips with Lip Liner (Pink Nude), and then apply Innocence Lipstick. The Lip Liner creates a base for the lipstick, to add a deeper tone, which pairs well with the delicate eyeshadow.

To set the look, lightly spray Garden Facial Mist a few times to set the makeup.

Garden Facial Mist - Rose and Neroli
Have fun trying this look at home, or using it as event makeup inspiration!

Watch the full tutorial below:

Makeup by Lisa Ann 
Video by Rhyme & Rhythm 

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