Celebrating Women

It's International Women's Day!

We love to celebrate women all day, every day. At Pure Anada, we like to do this by allowing women to discover their talents and abilities and then developing a work scenario that fits them and channels their natural gifts. We don't want our team of women to be taken for granted. They're often behind the scenes- but they're always making things happen.

Thinking of the letters that make up the word women, we came up with a list of traits that make up our team and have contributed to the success of Pure Anada.

Willing - There are many beautiful attributes that define the women of Pure Anada, but willingness stands out as a defining characteristic of this female team. Every woman here possesses a spirit that is ready and prepared. We often find ourselves in situations doing things that we've never done before or that we have little to no experience in. It's wonderful to see these women stretching themselves, facing challenges head on, expanding their skills, and growing. A willingness to learn is a huge part of what has made Pure Anada what it is.

Original - Originality is something to cherish. Pure Anada is a conglomeration of different backgrounds, ethnic groups, personality types, and diverse ideas. Fortunately for each lady that works at Pure Anada, each of these aspects are nurtured and developed here. Individuality makes the Pure Anada factory a place where women can feel completely themself and freely share their input and imaginations. Our goal is to be authentic, and these women are the real deal.

Motivated - Pure Anada is constantly growing and changing. As we grow, our focus is always to maintain quality and make improvements. Thanks to the ladies of Pure Anada who are driven and inspired, this goal is easily met. Setbacks do little to dampen the spirits of women who are visionary.

Emotional - Though sometimes we as woman see our emotions as our downfall since they're not always consistent, we believe that they can be our strongest ally. Pure Anada wouldn't have the character it does without passion, feeling, sentiment, strength, and warmth. Pure Anada has been through many phases, many highs and lows, and it's due to the prevailing emotional strength of Candace and the team of women that make up her support group.

Noble - The Pure Anada team includes a host of women who are genuinely good, worthy, and ethical. The exact qualities that our company is known for are a reflection of the people that it is made up of.

Happy International Women's Day!

Our Makeup Artist Kristen doing a makeup consultation at our Winkler Pure Anada Boutique.
Deanne, Robyn, Renee, and Candace working the storefront at our Morden Pure Anada Boutique.

Susie and Candace at the opening of the Winkler Pure Anada Boutique.

Julie helps out in production.
Susie and Robyn work at the Pure Anada Boutique in Winkler.

Linda works in production and labels Pure Anada Product.

Michelle manages the Shipping Department.

Michelle and Alyssa head up the Shipping Department.

Judy works in production.

Here is Candace (Founder of Pure Anada) in our Morden Boutique Storefront.

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