Smoky Olive

Oh, smoky eyes. How perfect you are. But there are so many people who struggle with you!

Lemme give you the low-down on smoky eyes.

1. The darker the colors you’re working with, the trickier it will be to make it look like a smoky eye and not a black eye. So if you’re just learning, start with charcoal or brown shades instead of black.

2. Matte eye shadows are much harder to work with than shimmery ones. There’s nothing wrong with a shimmering smoky eye (like this one posted!). But I do love me a good matte smoky eye.

3. Smudge that eyeliner! You can even apply it before you apply your eyeshadow. If you have a hard time with eyeliner, smoky eyes are your best friend. Why? Because you can take a bit of eyeshadow on an angled liner brush and smudge that line out to your heart’s content!

4. Mascara, mascara, mascara. This takes your look from a black eye to a smoky eye.

5. There WILL be fall out (eye shadow that falls from your eyelids to your upper cheekbones or under your eyes while you’re applying it). Do your makeup in good lighting and apply your eye shadow BEFORE your foundation and concealer. This way, when/if you do have fall out under the eyes, it’s easy to brush it away and then brighten the under eye area with concealer.

6. Speaking of concealer… it is a MUST to apply concealer under the eyes after finishing your smoky eyes. Smoky eyes can tend to enhance dark under eye circles, so brighten those eyes with concealer!

Today's look is an olive smoky eye. Gorgeous shades of shimmering black blended with an elegant olive green. I paired that with a subtle blush and lip color to balance the look. I am of the mindset that if you go dark with your eyes, keep your lips relatively neutral/light. And vice versa (dark lips = light eyes, you get it).

The Look:

Liquid Foundation in Atlantic Bisque (I tend to apply it with my fingertips for a medium coverage,
but apply it with our flat top foundation brush for a full coverage).

Concealer in Very Fair under the eyes (after I applied the eye shadow).

I set the makeup with both Very Fair Pressed Powder and Matte Minerals Setting Powder.

Pressed Blush in Tender Twig on the apples of the cheeks.
Pressed Bronzer in Bronzed Clove applied to the hairline and outer cheekbones.

Brow Powder in Cliff, applied more heavily than usual for me!

Luminous Shadow in Black Tie blended into the crease and applied on the outer and inner corners of the eyelid
(leaving the middle of the lid bare). Smudge Black Tie under the eyes as well.

Luminous Shadow in Moss dotted onto the middle of the lid and then blended onto the rest of the eyelid.
Smudge Moss shadow under the eyes as well, over the Black Tie.

Luminous Shadow in Stardust to highlight the tear duct of the eyes.
Definitely highlight that tear duct when you’re rocking a smoky eye look - it keeps the eyes bright.

Smudge Pureline Pencil in Black on the upper lash line, and in the lower waterline.

Natural Mascara in Black on both the upper and lower lashes (mascara is key for smoky eyes!).

Lip Gloss in Emma Rose (how perfect is Emma Rose with Tender Twig Blush?!)

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