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We love for our customers to know not only the ingredients that are in the Pure Anada products they purchase, but also the process behind each product. Every product passes through various departments and many different stages of production before it ends up on the shelf, in a shipping parcel, and eventually in your hands! The bustling little factory of Pure Anada takes hand-made to a whole new level. We have an amazing team who pour their heart and soul into what they do to be sure you receive good quality - every time. 

Revive Moisturizing Serum is one of our most popular skincare products. It may work as a moisturizer before applying makeup, but for some it may be too hydrating and work best as a night cream. 

Revive is a luxurious anti-aging serum formulated with intense Co-Enzyme Q-10 anti-oxidants, and cell-plumping Hyaluronic Acid. Olivem®1000 Crystal Skin Technology combines lightweight Sunflower Oil with fresh citrus hydrosols to bring you a deep tissue hydrating, and firming treatment. 

Q-10 manages energy production in cells which creates an anti-aging effect.

Lemongrass & Neroli Hydrosols create deep tissue hydration.

Hyaluronic Acid. As we age, our skin loses the ability to preserve moisture, resulting in the loss of firmness. Hyaluronic Acid helps to replenish that lost moisture and plump the skin cells. 

How it's made:

Candace, the founder of Pure Anada, formulates the recipe and sends it to the lab for production. This requires a lot of brain power and research on her part to come up with a compatible ingredients list, and also lab time to ensure that the formulation has the right consistency, scent, and desired effect. 

Our ingredients come shipped to us in several different ways. We produce Revive Moisturizing Serum right from scratch, so Clarissa starts by taking some of the ingredients from barrels such as the one pictured below.

She then heats all the ingredients in one of our three tanks to the perfect temperature, and uses the blender to emulsify the lotion. 

Once it has cooled, it is then scooped into pails and sent to the filling station. 

Judy then pumps out the perfect amount into airless, recyclable bottles and caps them immediately.

The filled bottles of Revive are then brought to the labeling station where Linda applies the label and batch code. 

She lines the finished product on the designated shelf where the shipping department picks from and where the storefront staff stocks the Boutique shelves. 

We hope you've enjoyed this little walk through of the production process! Thank you so much for taking the time to read our blog. Please leave us a comment on this post and let us know if you enjoyed it! We are also open to any questions or ideas that you would like us to feature as a blog post!

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