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Kristen von Riesen - Pure Anada Makeup Artist

It’s that time again! Time to answer your questions! This month’s Ask the Makeup Artist blog is going to focus on glowing skin and makeup.

@tiberlifewithemmy asks, "Can you give some tips on how to do a nice, natural, glowy look using Pure Anada products for someone who is blonde and fair, and what type of eye and lip colours you'd recommend? Also, what are some good neutral pink/nude lip colours from Pure Anada?"

I am going to address these questions one by one. First of all, I will start with glowing skin. Then glowing makeup (and I will make it a little bit more general than only for fair blondes). And finally I’ll tackle lip colors!

Glowing Skin:
You want to make sure your skincare regimen allows for glowing skin. First of all, HAVE a skincare regimen ;) Cleanse twice daily with a cleanser suited to your skin type. Moisturize morning and night, and use a treatment if your skin needs it. And don’t forget to exfoliate!

Glowing Makeup:
For a glowy makeup look, I prefer a look that isn’t too matte. Stay away from Matte Minerals Finishing Powder or our Pressed Mineral Foundation. Of course, if you have very oily skin and need to use a little matte powder to tame the t-zone, go ahead! Use a glowy foundation like Tinted Moisturizer, Liquid Foundation or even our Loose Mineral Foundation (it gets a little “glowy” shortly after it’s applied). And finish off the foundation by spritzing your skin with one of our hydrating toners, as they are effective as finishing sprays as well.

Highlighting the skin gets the glow going too! Use a dusting of Ethereal or Lustrous highlight powders on the cheekbones and t-zone (unless your t-zone is quite oily) for a soft gleam. You can also use these shades to highlight the eyes - under the brow bone and in the inner corners of your eyes.

Keep the eye makeup on the lighter side. For a little dimension, just contour with a deeper shade in the crease/outer corner of the eyes and sweep a little bit of that colour under the eyes as eyeliner. Rosy and/or golden shades are great for a glow, and use colours with a little shimmer or sparkle to them. For those who are a little more mature, keep the sparkle to a minimum, but don’t be afraid to throw one shadow in there with a slight shimmer to it - just avoid using all/only shimmering shades.

One way to give your eyes an extra pop of glowiness is this: use whichever base colour you prefer on your eyelid, then dot on a highlighting color to the center of the eyelid. Voila!

Great highlighting colours include: Ethereal & Lustrous highlight powders (as previously mentioned), White Diamond, Stardust, Opal, Whisper, Pearl, Pixie Pink.

A few contour shades that aren’t too deep in colour: Wisteria, Close to Cocoa, Cedar Rose, Copper, Sahara, Espresso, Burlap, Grape, Mocha (matte), Carob (matte), Mountain Haze (matte).

Throw on a thin line of eyeliner to the upper lash line. The key is to keep it thin and/or blended out. You can use any type of eyeliner (pencil, liquid, mascara as a gel liner), but don’t make the line super thick. And avoid using a harsh liner under the eyes. Stick with a little bit of eye shadow under the eyes as liner instead, as I mentioned earlier. Then curl your eyelashes (that’ll open up the eyes for that doe-eyed look!), and layer on the mascara!

Neutral Pink & Nude Lip Colours:

Here are some pink shades:

Icy Pink (comes in lipstick or lip gloss - very light mauvy pink),

Carnation (comes in lipstick or lip gloss - a beautiful your-lip-colour-but-enhanced type of pink),

Petunia (comes in lipstick or lip gloss - reddish pink, slightly deeper than Carnation),

Promenade (lipstick - soft warm rosy pink),

Mountainberry (lip shine - mauve).

Nude Lipstick & Lip Gloss Shades:

Apple Blossom (lip gloss - golden pink),

Winterberry (lip shine - sheer nude),

Grapefruit (lipstick - warm golden nude),

Emma Rose (comes in lipstick or lip gloss - warm nude with rosy golden flecks of sparkle).

This glowing makeup look will pair SO well with these different shades of pink or nude lip colours. And of course, a glowy look is perfect for this summer season. So haul out some of these shades I mentioned, or if you don’t have any of these colours, now is the time to pick up a few shimmering summer shadows! Have a wonderful and safe summer, lovelies!

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