Winter Elegance Colour Story

January 2024
Winter Elegance Colour Story with Lorene

Beautiful in Bordeaux, a touch of Afterglow,
Gentle in Dove grey, perfect for a Winters day!

Inspired by a beautiful Prairie Winter, hues of softly falling snow, and frost laden branches.

We are excited to introduce the Winter Elegance Colour Story to you!  We had beautiful Lorene in the studio as our model.

This makeup look features soft dove greys on the eyes, and a stunning wash of burgundy on the lips. Let’s get started!


This step is important, as we want to create a glowing base for the foundation. Start with spritzing the Victorian Facial Mist, then apply the Smooth Priming Serum.  After letting it dry, we chose to apply the Scentless Moisturizer.


Using the flat side of the Duo Eye Brush, pat Liquid Concealer underneath the eyes. Using a shade up helps to brighten the eyes.  We used the shade Porcelain for Lorene.

Next, use the Flattop Foundation Brush to apply your Loose Foundation, in thin, even layers, being sure to blend into your neck. The Loose Foundation shade Bisque 15N was a perfect match for Lorene.

Loose Mineral foundation has a very minimal formula, and works very well for all skin types! It offers full coverage, and applies best when the skin underneath is well hydrated.  Browse our Loose Foundation category HERE to find your perfect match!


Using our new Angled Cheek Brush, apply Day Lily Pressed Blush starting in line with the middle of your eyes and brush back in an upward motion. It’s very pigmented, so a little goes a long way.  

Next, we applied a touch of Bronzer. We use Bronzed Clove wth the Deluxe/Tapered Blending Blush Brush.  We also added a subtle highlight to the top of the cheek bones, tip of the nose, and just above the top lip. We used Pressed Afterglow using the Tapered Blending Eye Brush.


Fill in your eyebrows with the angled side of the Duo Eye Brush. We used Loose Mineral Brow Powder in Cinder.


Using the Flat side of the Duo Eye Brush, pat Liquid Concealer on top of your eyelids. This creates a good base for the eyeshadow. We used the the shade ‘Ultra Fair.’

Using the flat side of the Duo Eye Brush, pat Dove Pressed Eyeshadow onto the eyelid and blend into the crease. Then use the angled side of the brush to add Dove underneath your bottom eyelid. 

Using our new Every Day Eyeshadow Brush, apply Harmony Pressed Eyeshadow onto the outer corner of the eye and blend into the crease. Then using the Angled side of the Duo Eye Brush, apply Harmony underneath your bottom eyelid. 

To add a bit of depth, use the same brush to apply Pewter Pressed Eyeshadow onto the very outer corner and blend into the crease. Use the angled brush with Pewter underneath the bottom lash line.

Use a Tapered Blending Eye Brush to blend the colours together into your crease.

Use the Contour Crease Brush to apply Ivory Tower Pressed Eyeshadow, to highlight the inner corners of your eyes. Also add a little bit underneath the eyebrows.

For eyeliner we chose to use our Slate Eyeliner Pencil. It provides a soft, gentle definition. Use the angled side of the Duo Eye Brush to blend it out.

Next, apply Black Mascara to top and bottom lashes.  Our natural mascara formula is easily buildable with multiple layers.


Before applying the lipstick, we chose to use Cocoa Mint Lip Balm to add extra moisture. For longer lasting colour, omit the lip balm.

Fill in your lips with Bordeaux Cherry Lipstick. We used the Retractable Lip Brush to perfect the shape.


We love this tone of lipstick on Lorene, and how it is a perfect finishing touch to create this look.

To set the makeup, lightly mist Victorian Facial Mist.

What we love about this look is that it’s classy, beautiful, and perfect for all of your Winter outings.  Lorene looks just absolutely stunning in these colours and we hope you feel inspired to try it out for yourself!


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